Oct 5, 2020

Awesome Ocean finished!

 I worked really hard on this quilt, knowing that there would be times that I had to put it away, and let life take over.  After all, we can't quilt 24/7, right?  Well, maybe we can!

I quilted the quilt very densely, using a vertical line with my walking foot.  The lines were free motion and I would purposely go into the previous line a little bit to give the quilting a "movement" look.

My favorite sections are the pinks and oranges, 
and the teals and greens.

You can see a little bit of the teal minky on the back.

Even with all the dense quilting, the minky still feels really soft.

I made a label with an extra block that I had.
I know that Lucy will love this quilt!!!

I had my hip surgery and am not feeling as much pain as I was before, which is great!  I'll be using a walker for a couple of weeks and can twist my body or bend down.  I'm at the mercy of my caretakers, lol! My husband is doing an excellent job of taking care of me, and so are my kids :)


  1. This quilt is beautiful, Cynthia! The quilting, the blocks and the soft minky backing - everything is just lovely. Lucy will love it. We've been praying for you, since you mentioned your surgery, every day. Praying you heal quickly, my dear friend.

  2. Wow...I was surprised to see your post so soon after surgery! Glad to know you are doing well. Best wishes on your continued road to a full recovery. Your quilt is great!!!