May 6, 2019


Hi Everyone!
We moved to the Phoenix area last June, almost a year ago!
I joined the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild and have really been enjoying it, everyone's very friendly :)
I jumped right into the BOM 2018, Sewology.
Lindsey from Pen and Paper patterns designed it, she's in our guild.
I'm happy to announce that I finished the top!!!

One of my favorite processes of making a quilt, is choosing the fabric.
First I bought the background fabric at Quilter's Oasis in Mesa.
I studied the different background options 
and liked the rich look of dark gray.

I had a lot of catching up to do, but had seen this quilt on Instagram so many times and was really excited to make it myself!
I delved into my fabric stash and chose every one of these bold, vibrant colors.

The last step that I had to do to finish my top, was cut out, press and stitch the "button" letters onto the orange fabric.

I wish I had sewn my rotary cutter in another color besides yellow, but I'm still thrilled with the outcome.

My stash is a little lighter, but I still have a lot to work with!
(eye roll...)
Until next week friends, happy quilting!!!


  1. Cynthia - this is awesome!! Beautifully put together with colours and blocks. What a fun quilt to enjoy and treasure!

  2. I love it. Love how everything pops off of the dark background.

  3. This is a darling quilt!! Grey was the perfect background.