Jul 7, 2014

Paisley's Blessing Gown

A tradition I have, is making an heirloom blessing gown for each of my grandchildren.
I made this gown for Paisley, she is my 10th grandchild :)
This gown is made of cotton organdy.
It is very sheer and crisp.
I hand embroidered some flowers on the yoke.
The French cotton lace is attached at the neckline, with entredeux.

I embroidered some flowers and ribbon on each sleeve.
I love the Swiss cotton lace and entredeux on the cuff, with gathered French lace.

The focal point of this gown, is the fancy band along the hemline.
Each row of lace is attached seperately, and sometimes it takes 3 rows of sewing to attach it.

Here's a closer view of the laces.
I love this cotton organdy, it doesn't fray or wrinkle as much as Swiss batiste.

I always add pearl buttons to the back, I especially like these little flower ones.

Each of the blessing gowns I make, always has a slip to match.
The gown fabric is sheer and the slip gives it more of a "princess"look.

On the back of the dress in the center by the hem, I always embroider the baby's initials.
Paisley Louise Horst
Louise is my middle name :) I feel pretty honored!
The idea is that Paisley will pass this heirloom gown on to her daughter when she is blessed, and embroider her initials next to her own.
Paisley's daughter will do the same and so on....
Eventually, there will be a row or more of initials :)
The organdy fabric doesn't lend itself to embroidery as well as swiss batiste.

I also make a smocked bonnet with double faced silk satin ribbon.
I was searching for a spot to take the photo, and decided to take it next to my first grandaughter Kennedy, who was wearing her heirloom blessing gown and bonnet.

Here's a closeup of the bonnet.
Sometimes I add seed pearls, but I think this fabric needs to stand out on its own :)

Here's a full length photo of the gown.

Now it's ready to be delivered.

I'll show you photos of the blessing on Wednesday :)

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  1. Paisleys blessing gown is stunning! And what a beautiful tradition you have started. Congratulations on your 10th grandchild!

  2. Beautiful heirloom. What a treasure.

  3. Love the name Paisley. You did a beautiful job. Congrats on grandbaby #10. They are very lucky to have such a talented Grandma to make these wonderful heirlooms!

  4. This is beautiful, Cynthia! You really put time and care into the details and it shows. Congratulations on the tenth grandchild!