Jul 18, 2014

Handmade Birthday Club, July 2014

I've been making about one gift a month for the members in our Handmade Birthday Club, since January.
Well, guess what?
This is my birthday month!
I mentioned that one of my loves is Aneela Hooey fabric.
Isn't this the cutest table topper?
It's 24" X 24", and oh so cute :)

When I first opened the package, I looked at the back first.
I was so excited that I forgot to look on the other side, the front side, lol!
"House of bad cats" also sent me some owl notecards and some owl washi tape. 

For now, I've got my new cherished table topper on my antique sewing machine table.
I'm going to use it to decorate my table when I teach the Young Women at church in another week :)
They'll love it!!!

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  1. i love it and Happy Birthday (month)!

  2. OMG Cynthia...the table topper is adorable. I have a good selection of Aneela's fabrics, I just might recreate this bit of sweetness. Happy birthday!!