Sep 28, 2012

Paperdoll Block

goes to her
tennis lesson
Afterwards, she
for a

This was the second block I made, and it took forever!
I will point out all the details to you...
The red skirt has box pleats, they were all hand embroidered.
The tennis racket was pretty time intensive.  The webbing is all embroidered in white, as well as the little red and white accents around the racket.
The shoes have white laces all embroidered, and the white soles around the shoes are also embroidered.
The picnic you notice that the sandwiches are appliqued, with brown embroidery around them, and the ziplock bags are embroidered.
The chocolate chip cookies are appliqued, but the chocolate chips and the little baggie and twist tie are all embroidered.
I used to belong to a tennis club down the street from where I lived when I was growing up, so this block brings back memories for me:)

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  1. What an amazing amount of detail! Very nicely done! I look forward to seeing your leafy block!

  2. Wow! You are very creative and do a great job!