Sep 10, 2012

Baby Brit Quilt Along, week #6

Hi everyone, this is the sixth and last of my blocks to show you.

This is Lindsay's block. Sorry about the side view, I wasn't able to change it.  I really like this block, the prints are each so different and the yellow really stands out!

This is Rebecca's block, I love the vintage look with her repurposed clothing.  Notice the pintucks she left in the white with blue flowers?

Rebecca had her baby boy 8 weeks early, so I am helping her as much as I can.  I won't be able to post about the sashing next week, will have to postpone that one.  I will get it done when I return home.  The baby is healthy, but has to stay in the NICU so he can develop a little more.  I will keep you updated :)

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  1. I just got my pattern in the mail, and seeing your blocks has been so inspiring! I love the one with the yellow.
    Congratulations on the new grandbaby. So glad all is well with mama and the new little one.

  2. Oh, I hope things go well with little him!

  3. I came to visit your bloghopshowday, but your very busy doíng good for mama Rebecca and her little one, I hope they both are doing great, you're great for helping out in this situation.
    I like these block aswell, even see some dots *wink*.

  4. I love this one. So fun to see how different the same pattern can look! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family... the extra week will help me catch up;-)