Sep 17, 2012

Baby Brit Quilt Along, week #7

post signatureThis should really be the post about sashing the Baby Brit blocks together.  I told you in week #6 that my daughter's baby was born eight weeks early, and I am staying at her home, looking after her 2 year old daughter, keeping the house clean, and giving moral support.  Baby Benjamin is back up to his birth weight, and is beginning to nurse a little.  We all hope he can come home from the hospital soon.

This is Lindsay's block.  I love all the roses, it has an antique look.

This is Rebecca's block, love the stripes and the bandana fabric.

I hope you are all working on your blocks and thinking about what kind of sashing you want to use.  
I finally found some fabric I think will work for my posts, the squares in between the sashing :)


  1. I do have the pattern now! (which means I'm getting closer to being able to work on the quilt)

  2. Love the blocks. they are so fun to make.