May 3, 2013

Bee in my Bonnet Row Along : Quilt Label

This quilt label is so cute!!!  It fits the quilt perfectly :)
I sewed the bee block, but still need to embroider the antenae and the words.  I'll do that next week and show you when it's done.
I cut the sashing strips to border the label.  
I really wanted to use a pink strip but didn't, because the red fabric will be the backing for the quilt.  I didn't think that pink would show up next to the red backing.  Doesn't the print look like little honeycombs for the 
"Bee in my Bonnet Row Along"!  
I have a lot of red on the front of the quilt, it is one of the seven colors I have in my quilt.
I still need to sew the rows of the quilt together and add the sashing and border.  I have everything picked out and of course I will show it all to you when I get it done :)
Have a great day

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