May 17, 2013

Bee in my Bonnet Row Along, Inner Border

I sewed all my rows together, yeah!!!
I have been contemplating the order I wanted to sew the rows together for months.  The rows were taped to my wall with painter's tape and I look at them all the time.  
Now the quilt is too heavy to hang on the wall with tape.

I chose green for the inner border.
I really like the way it brings out all the greens in the quilt.
I am working on the outer border now.
I'm so excited to see the quilt near completion :)

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  1. Your rows look wonderful together! and I like the green stop border.

  2. Wow - it's looking great - I love the colours you have used in this quilt, they are a little brighter than others I have seen completed and just pop out of the white. Fabulous.