Nov 21, 2012

Mom's Quilt

I used a jelly roll and a charm pack to make a quilt for my mother for Christmas.
It is from Fig Tree and I think the colors will match her couch perfectly.  I used the same quilt pattern for Vanessa's quilt.

Emily's Garden in Blossom by Cotton Way.

The blanket stitch was pretty easy to do on my sewing machine.

18 circles are appliqued onto 18 squares.

This is the finished quilt.  I kept the colors in their groups....all the greens together, all the peaches together, and the browns together.

I like the appliqued flower with the nine patch center!

I machine quilted the quilt with a meandering stitch, or jigsaw pattern.

I love the back, it's from the same line and so is the binding.

I would highly recommend this pattern, it uses one jelly roll and one charm pack.  It is a lot of fun to sew, and is simple.
One thing I would suggest is that when you are sewing the strips together, rotate sewing from each end.  I didn't do that with Vanessa's quilt, and had to stretch it a lot to get it back into shape!

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  1. I love that fabric line and I like the way you kept the colors grouped together. Great idea and beautiful quilt!