Nov 14, 2012

Angel Picture DIY

My husband bought an angel picture for our bedroom in the 1980's.  
Our bedroom was painted blue with blue flowered wallpaper, and angels were popular then.
After many years, we were tired of the picture.
I recycled it to the bathroom which had a huge empty space.
Wow, naked cupid angels in the bathroom :)

We moved again and this time there was no big "hidden" wall to hang the angel picture.
I told my husband that we should get rid of the picture.
He was more than happy to oblige because he hates clutter.
I took a second look and realized that the frame was really nice.
It has two different flower motif.

I have been wanting to hang a chalkboard in the house and this frame would be perfect for that!
The picture is matted, so I was just going to remove the matte and assumed the angels were printed on cardboard.  Not so!
The print was paper, and was only a little larger than the opening of the matte.  
There was a heavy cardboard on the back of the matted angel picture and it was all attached.
I took out the picture, matte and cardboard and painted spray painted the cardboard with black chalk paint.  So easy!!!
I painted the frame aqua, and rubbed a black glaze over the motifs.

Voila!  I got Sean to write his favorite scripture at the top before he left for his two year church mission to Brazil, two years ago.
Then I wrote a cute quote on the rest of the chalkboard.
I want to get a nice Thanksgiving quote to put on there.
This project was so easy!

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