May 2, 2012

Smarty Girl Book Bag

Heather Bailey's Smarty Girl Book Bag.  I really love this pattern, I have made 7 of them! (Only 4 of them are featured.) I love the size, it holds magazines, notebooks, textbooks, lots of fun things.
There aren't any pockets on the inside, I guess that's why it's called a book bag.  It doesn't hurt that Heather Bailey is one of my favorite designers.  I love all of  her designs.

Did I mention that these bags are a lot of fun to make? Choosing fabric for a project is one of the best parts.  I like this bag with its contrasting colors and prints.

I like the surprise blue on the inside!  

The colors match on this bag but the prints are contrasting.

With all the reds and greens, this could almost be a Christmas bag.
Notice how comfortably the magazine sits in the bag. Lots of room.

I love the butterfly prints, the orange and the aqua,with hints of red.
Lots of polka dots too!

I did something a little different under the flap, I lined it with selvages.  I have a whole box full of selvages that are waiting for a project on my "to do" list.  Do you notice that the lining is different from the butterfly fabric?

The bag strap is very comfortable, it is long and never falls off my shoulder.  I like to wear the Smarty Girl Book Bag across my shoulder too.

This bag is very "pink"!!! A girl can never have too much pink :)     I like the yellow and minty green against the pink.  

Green......with pink peonies, my favorite flower.

I hope you have enjoyed my Smarty Girl Book Bags as much as I enjoyed making them.  Maybe I should make some more!

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  1. Really cute bag! I can see why you like it so much. I have some left overs of that blue interior fabric.