Nov 12, 2023

Frolic quilt pattern

I talked about my fun quilt retreat a couple of weeks ago, to Payson, Arizona.  There's a fantastically wonderful quilt shop there called Copper Needle.  Gina Perkes is the owner, and she's also a pattern designer and long armer extraordinaire ❤️

Once a month, on a Saturday morning, she has a demo day where she demonstrates how to make a quilt that she just designed.  Our retreat happened to be during that weekend, so we all made our reservations to go.  Gina is so nice and so funny and so pretty, she actually designed two versions of her "Frolic" quilt pattern.  She has the demo in a movie theater room, just two doors down from her shop which is in a strip mall. Gina always has 3 or 4 color versions of her quilt that she is demonstrating.  You can also follow Copper Needle on Facebook and see her demo there.  The cool thing about attending in person, is that she gives everyone the quilt pattern.  After that, it can be purchased at her shop.  She has a whole wall full of quilt patterns that she's designed. I've been to 3 of her demos now and have loved every single one.  

 Gina said that this quilt was really fast to make, about 6 hours to be exact.  Well, I had a whole day in my sewing room and had some really cute vintage looking Christmas fat quarters that I knew would be perfect for this quilt.  Sure enough, it took about 6 hours to make, start to finish.

Doesn't it look like ribbon weaving in and out?  I managed to have all the Santa heads going horizontally, and the other prints weren't directional.  I had the poinsettia fabric left over from another quilt, and I was thrilled that it all worked out.  I really love it!  I want to back it in some soft minky fabric, maybe a frosted blue or vintage pink, or even a cream.  It's not too big, so I can machine quilt it myself.  I don't know if I can get it done by Christmas though, because I have a lot of secret sewing to do.

Thanks for following, see you next week :)


  1. I love the colourway in this quilt with all those prints. Reminds me of candy canes. Enjoy your new sweet quilt when finished!

  2. Your post was a joy to read—thank you for making it both informative and engaging.