Nov 19, 2023

Cut and Sew Panels

I just love these cut and sew panels by Stacy  Iest Hsu for Moda fabrics

I've made almost every single one of hers and my grand daughters love them! When I saw this adorable Doggy one, I just had to buy it!!! You cut along the lines, nothing extra to add, and them sew with a 1/4" S/A

It really helps if you sew the dolls with a shorter stitch so they don't come apart.

These adorable dogs just melted my heart when I saw them!  There are four little pups in the Mom's skirt, and the Dad with his shorts and bow  tie ❤️ Love their floppy ears too!

Four little pups all in a row...

I also bought this cute shirt for my little grand daughter, keeping with the dog theme :)

Here is the Kitty Cut and Sew Panel.
There is a whole line of fabric that goes with these panels too.  I just type the fabric line or the name of the Cut and Sew panel in the search button on Etsy and see what comes up. I try to order from a shop that has free shipping if you spend $35.00. I'd rather. spend the extra money on fabric instead of shipping :)

Swoon!!!  So cute!  I'm ordering an extra panel of the Doggy and Kitty for birthday gifts for grand daughters in the new year.

I especially love the fabric on the Kitty's skirt.  It would make a cute little girls dress or a quilt! I love the pleasant look on their faces. they're keeping a secret.....This grand daughter is getting some fuzzy pajamas to go with her little kitties ❤️

Here's the whole group!  Sew, sew cute 💗💗💗

I may have taken on too much but I'm sewing a lot of gifts this Christmas....See you next week :)

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  1. Cynthia - these are adorable!! You are such a whiz at these super cute stuffies. Such tiny puppies and kitties to go with them. Love that you add so many other special items to go with these. Your Grandchildren are very, very lucky! Happy Thanksgiving to you!