Oct 9, 2023

Spooky Season Sampler

This is a great sew along and it's free!!! Search cottonandjoy on Instagram and click on her profile.  Click on the link and then click join the Spooky Season Sampler.  It runs from October 1-10.  You will receive the FREE patterns in your email.

This first block is called the Skull Quilt.  I had so much fun choosing the fabric, one of my favorite parts!

Another thing I really love about this quilt along is that each block uses a different method.  They aren't necessarily difficult, but you have to read carefully.  I'm going to say it's not for beginners. I've used my seam ripper quite a bit.  Something that's really hard for me is that I don't have a color printer and the patterns are more difficult to figure out in black and white.  Just saying....

Block 2 is the Hallowpop block.  What a cute name!  I changed mine from four colors to two.  I really love pink and strawberry flavors. This was created with foundation paper piecing.

Block 3 is Spooky Dracula.  Again, so much fun to choose the fabric.

Block 4 is Candy Corn which I love.  This block used a couple of templates which are included in the pattern.

Block 5 is The Haunted Window.  This block was super fun to make, there were so many possibilities for the fabric choices.  My ghost is covered in spiders which makes me a little itchy!  This block had some curved piecing and then some templates.

I assume there will be 9 blocks and the 10th day will be the finishing instructions. Follow me on Instagram for current postings.  Thanks so much for following me ❤️

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