Jan 9, 2022

A Quilting Life, block of the month 2021

 My first finish of 2022!  

Since I had my quilt giveaway with my grandchildren and children,  I haven't been sewing as much.  I'm spending time on other things.  I still love to sew, but not as much :). 

 I made the sashing just like Lori Holt's quilt in her Spelling Bee book, as in this photo.

Here's my quilt!  My goal was to use pastel colors, for a more soft look.  Of course it will look better when I machine quilt it.  I used scraps for the blocks and luckily I had some pretty pink for the borders in my stash.  

Do you follow "all people quilt"?  Every year in January, they post a UFO Challenge.  It's a printout from 1-12.  Beside each number, you put the name of a quilt or a project that you want to complete.  The first day of every month, All People Quilt will post the number that they have randomly chosen.  You are then challenged to finish the project beside that number.  It's really fun, challenging and helps you finish projects.  Here is a link to the download, so you can print your UFO 2022 sheet.  They've already chosen the number for this month. 

Have a great week and I'll check back with you :) 

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  1. Love your layout choice - I need to try this one sometime. Lovely, lovely quilt top. Enjoy the UFO Challenge. Looking forward to seeing which ones you will finish.