Apr 22, 2019

Tilda Easter Bunnies

Hi Everyone!
Amongst other things, I have been up to my ears 
making Tilda Easter Bunnies for my darling grandchildren.

I made 12 of them, including a cute boy bunny 
with shorts and a bow tie!

I packaged each bunny with love and chocolate.

Easter morning, the photos came from far and wide :)
They all came from the state of Utah.
Maisie and Ben, Jacob isn't in the photo.

Kylie, Neo and Izzy, who are living with us right now :)

Here they are, all dressed up fro church,
in front of my Paperdoll quilt.

Paisley, Riley, Reagan and Taylor :)

I made a "boy" bunny for Bridger, who's almost 14, but he's such a sweet young man, best brother to his 3 younger sisters, and such a good sport!

Kennedy loves that her bunny has pink polka dots because pink is her current favorite color.
She said she loves the vintage fabric :)

Charlotte loves that her bunny matches her bag.
I made the "bunny ears" bag about 5 years ago when I first got my new sewing machine and chose Charlotte's name to embroider.
5 years later, I gave her the bag, lol!

Lucy's favorite color is red, so I made her bunny's dress with red strawberries :)

They thanked me over and over!!!

Bridger, Kennedy, Lucy and Charlotte, in their Easter best!

The Tilda Easter Bunnies were fun to make.
Here's the link which includes all of Tilda's free patterns.
I really want to make her Kitschy Friend!
Here's a link to Tilda's beautiful fabric too.
Thanks for reading, I'm so thankful for Easter.

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  1. You are the sweetest, Cynthia! Twelve cute little bunnies wrapped up with chocolate for your grandchildren - wow, so special! Love how you wrapped each too :)! Hope you had a blessed Easter with those around you!