Mar 11, 2019

Stellar Stars

I'm a member of the Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild.
As our optional block of the month this year, we're making this beautiful modern Stellar Stars quilt, designed by Cristy Fincher, 
@cristycreates on Instagram.

 My friend Nedra and I get together at one of homes, and make our blocks.
These are January.
I love how the blocks can look so different 
with the depth of the colors.

We quilt the whole day while my cute little 4 year old grand daughter Isabel, entertains herself.  
She is sooooo good and sweet and polite.
Izzy took this photo of Nedra and I, with our blocks.
I'm actually taller than Nedra, but.....

This is February's block, so pretty!

This is the companion February block too!
Nedra gave me some triangles on a roll to make this block,
they are awesome!!!

These are our March blocks :)

Finally, here is little Izzy, my protege photographer :)

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  1. Oh my - isn't Izzy a wonderful photographer - and such a cute one too! Your blocks are so pretty - and a sew day together sounds super fun. Keep enjoying!