May 14, 2018

Tee shirt quilt finished!

I machine quilted the tee shirt quilt!
It's so hard to stretch the backing fabric and get it to lay flat.
I have a wide tiled hallway that I lay the sandwich quilt on, and try to flatten out all the bumps.
Unfortunately, some of the folds weren't flattened. 
I noticed the bubbles on the backing as I was machine quilting.
I had to unpick 4 long rows, but I flattened out the bubbles and now it looks great!

I think the crosshatch quilt looks very masculine :)

The backing fabric looks gray, but it's an offwhite background with black letters.
The letters are the words to the pledge of allegiance.
Perfect for a conservative and patriotic young man :)
The fabric is by Sweetwater.


  1. Beautifully done, Cynthia! Great job on the backing - unpicking can be nerve wracking. Love the Crosshatch quilting on it!