May 7, 2018

Charlotte's Baptism

My grand daughter Charlotte turned 8 and was baptized 
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

She looks so beautiful in her white dress and gloves.
Her older sister Kennedy wore the same flower headband at her baptism too.

I've never seen Charlotte happier than she did that special day.
She was beaming!!!
Charlotte always sparkles, she's a leader, a loyal friend and an awesome missionary :)
There's a bench on the playground at school for children who feel lonely or don't have any friends.
Charlotte looks at that bench every day, and when she sees someone sitting on it, she runs over to sit down beside them and talk to them and comfort them.

Charlotte asked both of her grandmothers to speak at her baptism.
The white bag that Shauna is holding, was Charlotte's great grandmother's temple bag.
Shauna talked about 6 things that symbolized baptism and they were really cute things that Charlotte could keep.
I spoke about the holy ghost and my 6 things were a flashlight, hand sanitizer, bandaids, a book mark, a scarf (representing a blanket, because the holy ghost is a comforter) and a pair of earrings (the letter C for Charlotte).
The earrings symbolize that the holy ghost speaks softly and you have to be quiet and listen with your ears, to hear what he says.

We were invited to a luncheon afterwards and my daughter Lindsay made the room so beautiful!

The food was delicious to say the least!
Fresh fruit, croissant turkey sandwiches, potato salad and sugar cookies and brownies.

I made this scripture bag for Charlotte.
She loves panda bears!
You can find the tutorial here.

We have a tradition of giving our grandchildren a set of scriptures when they're baptized :)

I made a little trifold for Charlotte too.

Inside, she can put her special books, notebooks and a pen.
She loved the little froggies :)
It was a really wonderful day, spending it with family and friends.


  1. Special day and special memories! Especially loved the part how Charlotte always looks at the bench to see if someone is sitting on it that needs comforting. What a dear little heart she has.

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