Jun 19, 2017

Baby Brit QAL finish!

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Almost 5 years ago, I hosted a QAL.
Six people joined me, along with 2 of my daughters.
You can see the quilt I made here!

My daughter Lindsay made this quilt.
I just love the colors she used!

I never would have thought of using green and yellow, along with the traditional red and blue!

Every time I visited her home, I would see the quilt top folded neatly on her shelf.  
Almost a year ago, I offered to machine quilt it for her, because I really wanted to see the quilt finished :)

I would have liked to have done a "custom" quilt pattern, but I was pressed for time.
I did an organic vertical pattern.

It's always wonderful to get a quilt finished :)

Normally, I would have used a red binding.  
I tried thinking outside the box and chose pink because it picked up the beautiful little pink roses in the fabric.
Lindsay gave me the blue and yellow to use for the back, she has a great color sense!


  1. So special that you finished this beautiful quilt for her! Now it is really ready to be enjoyed :)!

  2. I love Union Jack quilts. I need to bump it up on my list! Well done!