Feb 13, 2017

My Swoon blocks

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It's the first of January, the Christmas decorations are put away, and there's some time!
Yay, some free time!
On Instagram, there are all sorts of fun ideas concerning quilting!
allpeoplequilt.com published their UFO Challenge 2017.
It was numbered 1 - 12, in a list format.
Beside each number, you wrote what quilt project you were going to finish, for that month. 
On the first of every month, all people quilt would say which number had been randomly chosen.
You would choose the project beside that number and finish it during the month.
What a great idea!
I loved all the Christmas themed posts on Instagram, and was sort of wishing I could have done a project with all my cute Cozy Christmas fabrics.
I found Mel is a Swapaholic, and she was doing a Swoon quilt along, and then I saw that Camille of Thimbleblossoms was also doing a quilt along.
I put two and two together and decided to ditch the UFO Challenge, and do the Swoon quilt along!
Here are my Swoon blocks, I tried to make them vintage looking as much as possible, the soft pinks and greens and blues, with some red thrown in.
The blocks are sewn with Cozy Christmas, but I didn't have enough, so I added some other lines.
I cut all the sashing when I cut the fabric for the blocks, so I just have to assemble the blocks together and the quilt top will be done!

Thanks for reading, I'll see you next week :)


  1. Beautiful blocks - you were great at improvising where needed! Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt top when done.

  2. I really like the colors and patterns you chose. Love the small candy canes o nthe pink fabric! I am sure the top will look great.

  3. I love your blocks! I have made a mini Swoon and the Patchwork Swoon, but not a regular one yet.