Feb 27, 2017

Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove, California

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Have you ever been to Monterrey or Carmel or Pebble Beach, California?
Nestled right by the beach, is the cutest city,  Pacific Grove.
They have a really nice quilt shop called Back Porch Fabrics.
I'll give you a little tour....
There was a trunk show in the workroom, and all the quilts were made by these two ladies, who have been friends for over 30 years.

Here are some of the quilts they made together.

This one looks like a Freddie Moran, I bet they took a class from her!

One of the signs of a good quilt shop, is their sale table.
This table was full of bolts of fabric that were on sale, that was a really good sign!

This quilt shop has an awesome selection of books and magazines!

I thought their notions wall was good, but no Lori Holt rulers.

Another view of the trunk show.

I only made a few purchases.
The quilt shop had a great selection and a lot of fabrics I really liked.
I only bought these fabrics because I thought they were different.
I bought the green dot because you can never have enough for backgrounds.  I bought the rest of the bolt, about 2 l/2 yards.

If you ever find yourself by Pebble Beach golf course, or Carmel, visit this wonderful quilt shop in Pacific Grove!

The beach was less than a block from the quilt shop :)


  1. What a beautiful spot and loved, loved the pics of this quilt shop!! What a great place to browse and shop :)!

  2. Hello Cynthia, such a beautiful quilt shop. Your photos were awesome. I loved all the quilts.