Aug 29, 2016

Super Hero Cape and Mask Tutorials

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It's my grandson's 4th birthday, and I thought he would love a super cape.
Here is the tutorial on my Pinterest board, "Stuff to make the grandkids".
These are not 2 capes.
I'm going to sew them together and the cape will be reversible.
The tutorial has a template for the Superman logo, and it's so easy!

"B" is for Benjamin.
I traced the yellow circle with a plate, and drew the "B" to go inside the circle.

Here's the Superman side of the cape.

Here's the Super Ben side of the cape.

I made a mask to match the cape, so easy again!
One side of the mask is red and the other is yellow.

Here is the tutorial for the mask, and it also includes the template.
As easy as pie, and really fast to make.
Let me know if you make some :)


  1. Wow Cynthia you clever chooky, these are fantastic.

  2. How cute. I bet Benjamin loved them. I love that they are reversible both the cape and the mask.