Aug 1, 2016

Quilty Fun Gifts

There are a lot of benefits to having quilty fun friends!
They are fun, and loads of laughs, are very generous and thoughtful, and all share the same interest, stitching!
Cathy (Tazzie) made me this beautiful little embroidered mini quilt with lots of cute goodies to go with it!
The mini quilt was my birthday gift :)

Here's a close up of her beautiful embroidery :)
  I love the striped binding and the fabrics she used too!

Leanne wasn't able to come from Australia this trip, but she's planning a visit in two years.
She made me this darling fabric envelope or clutch for my birthday.
I love the Lucien fabric!!!
She quilted it herself and also included so many cute souvenirs from Australia.

Christie made me and all of her other quilty friends this pretty little zip pouch, and each one was different.
She let me choose, I just loved the pears and the text background with the pop of red on the tag and the lining.
It's all made out of Lori Holt fabric which I really love, and especially Sew Cherry :)
I keep my little and square rulers in it.

Lori taught Kristie how to perfect her appliqué, using the cozy shapes she designed.
Kristie gave me the first appliqué she did on this zip pouch, to me for my birthday :)

Lynette gave me all these beautiful gifts!
The embroidered thimble is a pin cushion :)

Here is the mini quilt Lynette made for me, it is really adorable!

Shanna and Rosanna gave everyone farm animal kitchen timers to go with our Farm Girl Vintage theme.
Very original!

Rae Ann embroidered everyone this darling duck pin cushion.
She also made some lamb ones and they were all in different colors.

My quilty friend Natalie isn't in the Instagram group, but she gave me this beautiful 2 yard piece of fabric and I'm going to use it to back my Freddy Moran quilt if I can ever get back to it!
Her packaging is so clever :)
The tag and buttons were from her grandmother's sewing stash.

Natalie's so creative, look at the cute little tag she wrote!

Cathy stitched this little bunny for me too :)

Anette gave us all these cute beehive gifts, exclusive to the state of Utah.
She and her husband had made little beehive shaped chocolates and chocolate covered cinnamon bears, they were delicious!!!

Celeste and Kayse gave us these sweet mementos from Texas.

Thimbles and Threads quilt shop hosted the retreat.
I won this, it's enough fabric to make one of Lori's 12" flower blocks.

Thimbles and Threads even gave us a gift!
One of Lori Holt's 12" design boards, a fat quarter, an awesome ruler and a name tag :)

My darling quilty friend Vanessa made this mini quilt for me!
I love it!!!
She also made me 2 large design boards, and included a Little Red Riding Hood fat quarter (she knows I have a romance with Little Red) and two frisson pens!

I am rich with my friends, especially my quilty fun ones :)
We received lots of other gifts, and a lot of candy and chocolate.
Diana and Jenn made us all Italian sodas, so fun!
You can't sew without munching, right?

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  1. Oh wow - what special gifts - and special friends!! These are joys you can keep unpacking throughout the year :)!

  2. Your gifts are beautiful Cynthia. I can't wait to meet you at our retreat in 2 years. I'm counting down the days already, xxx