Jun 13, 2016

Cotton + Steel Sew Together Bag

I made another sew together bag, I love making them!
Why, you ask?
I love choosing the fabric from my stash!!!
This is my 7th bag, and I still haven't made one for myself :)
It's all Cotton + Steel fabric, except for the red blocks, they are from Lori Holt's Vintage Happy line.

I tried some different quilting techniques for this bag.

It's such a great feeling of satisfaction to finish one of these bags.
Let me be honest, they are difficult to make!

Did you notice that there are kitten heads on the binding?
I'm not even a cat lover, but they are adorable!

I was saving these cute lining pieces for myself, but I used them for this bag instead.
I thought they were so perfect and so interesting!

I remembered to add the cute label.
See the kitty heads? Awwww.....

 I didn't notice until I was writing this post, but the "Sacramento Railroad" is written on that #2 pencil.
That's so close to where I live!
Not to mention the cutest little pandas which I used for all 3 of the pocket linings.

For my LDS family and friends, I always add a Salt Lake temple zipper pull.

For daughters, I sew in the "PS I love you" label :)

 The Sew Together bag pattern can be found at Sew Demented.
Google it!
Have a great week :)
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  1. This one turned out so cute!!! I love that Apple fabric and the kitties are cute too. I hadn't done anything with the one I made and my little sister saw it and just loved it so I gave it to her. I think they are really fun to make but I pin way more than usual and stab my fingers a lot making these. (don't bleed on the fabric!) Have you done a mini? I haven't yet. Good job Cynthia! XXX

  2. Hello Cynthia, your sew together bag is beautiful. I love the fabrics you have used. And those labels add that very special touch. I love the PS I love you one. So sweet.