Apr 11, 2016

Reagan's Tooth Fairy envelope

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I asked my 5 year old granddaughter Reagan, to draw me a picture of the tooth fairy and this is what she sent me :)
Don't you just love her little rainbow colored dress?

I transcribed (copied, lol!) her tooth fairy onto blue fabric, the same shade as her marker, and collected all the colored floss that matched Reagan's drawing.
I also wrote myself a little note so I wouldn't have to keep referring to the photo on my phone.

I backed the fabric with a woven iron on pollen.
It gives the fabric a stiffer feel, more body to embroider, and the threads won't show through from the front.

Isn't this the cutest one hour basket?
My friend Leanne made it for me, I keep my current embroidery project in it.
She loves embroidery and I think of her when I use it.

It's all embroidered, what do you think?

I added the little flap for the envelope and a button to cover the velcro stitching.

The pink pocket is intended for the tooth and Reagan can leave a note to the tooth fairy in the envelope.
If she's really lucky, maybe the tooth fairy will leave a note for her!
Maybe there will also be some fairy dust under her pillow :)

All wrapped and ready to mail :)

Reagan loves it!!!


  1. Wow - great copying and beautiful embroidering on this Tooth Fairy Pocket. Love your stickers!!

  2. She loves it. She also just noticed she has a second tooth loose but hasn't lost one yet so it's a matter to time before she can use it

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    1. The comment was posted twice by Kimalee, so I just deleted one of them :)