Apr 18, 2016

Maisie's tooth fairy envelope

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Guess who lost her first tooth!
That's right, 5 l/2 year old Maisie :)

This is Maisie's rendition of the tooth fairy.
It looks like she's hovering over Maisie, who's sleeping in bed.
The tooth fairy must also be in the sky, because there's a cloud :)

I chose a textured white fabric for the background.

All finished!
Those swirls in the sky took a while to embroider :)

These little envelopes don't take very long to sew, it's the embroidery that's time intensive.

The little pocket that holds the tooth.

Here's the flap when it closes over the envelope.
I'm sure that you've read about the other tooth fairy envelopes that I've made, but Maisie can leave the tooth fairy a note in the envelope.
If Maisie's really lucky, and has been a good girl, the tooth fairy might even leave her a note and maybe even sprinkle some fairy dust in her hair :)

I left out a huge detail....I forgot to embroider the inside of the cloud blue.
I used one of my acid free scrapbook pens and colored it in.
Easy peasy!!!

Little Miss Maisie loves it!!!