Jan 25, 2016

Schnibbles pattern, Harvey

I made this quilt back in October, 2004.
I joined "A Year of Schnibbles and a little bit more", and this was one of the patterns that we were given.
You can read what I wrote about it here, I'll wait for you....
You're back, it's much prettier quilted, isn't it?
I didn't end up putting it on the bed, I gifted it to my son and his family.

My friend Cindy Paulson did a magnificent job on the quilting, as she usually does!
I think the quilt is very feminine with its different shades of pink,  and beautiful floral quilting.

I used a lot of text fabric for the background.

I really love the backing, it's pink with bright colored leaves on the trees and little strawberries.

I gave the quilt to my son Addison and his beautiful wife Mabulane (mah-boo-lah-nee), who is from Lesotho, Africa.
She is Addison's eternal souvernir from his two year LDS mission to Johannesburg, South Africa.
They have 3 sweet little girls, Neo (nay-o), Kylie and Isabel.
I love giving quilts to my family, but making six for Christmas is too much work!!! LOL

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  1. You have been very busy with all these quilts and they are very different from each other.