Jan 11, 2016

Dwell from Simply Retro

There are so many quilt patterns, it's often difficult to decide which one to make :)
I love Camille's style and I love Bonnie (her mom) and Camille fabric.
I have a lot of it!!!

I chose the "Dwell" quilt, it's really cute.
I made the quilt for my 22 year old son Sean, for Christmas.
I don't really think he'd appreciate red, pink and aquas for a color scheme, so I went against my color grain and chose more masculine colors, sort of!

 Well, here are my little dwell homes.
I added 9 more homes than the pattern called for, because I wanted it to be a good size lap quilt.
I threw in some orange, purple and aqua,  I think the colors are very suitable for a young man.

I took a black and white photo to make sure the colors were balanced before I sewed the homes together.
 I see that they are.

I chose all the fabric from my stash, I love doing that!
I had to purchase the sashing though, because I only have feminine prints :)
The sashing I chose is ecru with a little wood grain looking weave of brown.

My friend Cindy Paulson machine quilted the quilt, she always does an awesome job!
It reminds me of "Oh Starry Night".

The quilt is backed with a super soft minky, a caramel color.

Here's Sean with his quilt on Christmas morning :)
Who's that beautiful young woman, you say?
That's Karina Ramirez, Sean's fiancee.

Sean proposed to Kari the week before Christmas, in a winter wonderland.

Kari lives in Costa Rica, they met online.

When Kari and Sean met in person, they hit it off immediately.
A spring wedding is planned, another happy day for our family.
We are looking forward to gaining another daughter in law :)

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  1. It came out great! What a sweet couple!

  2. Love the quilt. And how exciting--your son and future daughter-in-law look very happy together.

  3. I love your Dwell quilt! Those houses are so fun! The colors are perfect for your "guy" quilt. I am sure your DIL-to-be will be enjoying it too! Congratulations to the sweet couple!

  4. Great quilt and such a cute couple! Congrats!!
    I love Bonnie and Camille too... Patterns and fabric! One thing I've learned about these fabric lines is now I have to have background fabric on hand... It's been a challenge for me compared to my previous strictly scrappy quilts. I feel like I need to be more organized before I start... Another challenge.. Haha! So my starts have been slow! And my finishes slower... I have close to the same line up of finishes to do for the year... Ooii !! How did I not get so much done! Lol!