Jul 13, 2015

Farm Girl Vintage QAL, weeks 8, 9 and 10

I love this Farmhouse block! 
I really want to make the Farmhouse Lane quilt :)

You can see other farmhouse blocks I've made here and here
This was my second attempt at the 6" farmhouse block, my first one didn't turn out. I think I got one of the measurements mixed up.
I'm trying to use my Lori Holt fabric stash for the 6" blocks.

I love my Feed and Seed block, and used all of Lori's fabric lines except for the yellow square and the red dot background.

The Fresh Pears block is one of my favorites, but this is the first time I made it.
It's really simple to make, even the 6" size.

The Furrows block was very simple to make, just 8 flying geese, all in Lori's fabrics.

Lastly, is the Gingham block. 
It's so much fun choosing the colors :) 
I watched a movie on Netflix while I cut, sewed and pressed.

Chain stitching this block was simple, I never worried about getting the squares out of order.

Red and Aqua, my favorite color combo! I wanted to make more Gingham blocks, but just didn't have the time...

Do you think my block looks like gingham?


  1. Your blocks look great! I have not made the gingham block yet because I am perplexed by it.

  2. love those house blocks , great fabric

  3. Such beautiful blocks Cindy, Love the house one the best.