Feb 2, 2015

Modern Instate - December & January

I finished up my Modern Instatebee, Hive 11 membership.
It was a great experience, I was sent 10 beautiful blocks and made 11 blocks every month for others.
(One of the ladies dropped out of the bee after she received all of her blocks, which was disappointing)

December's block was the Stacked Windmill, it was the most popular block.
The hive member chose red, aqua and gray, with Kona white for the background.

January's block was Trellis Crossroads, this is the first one I made.
There are 30 blocks in the quilt, so the hive member said that she would love 2 blocks if we had the time.  
She has 4 young children and works full-time as a teacher.
I thought that anyone with that work load and who is also a member of a quilting bee, and is very nice (Ha ha!) deserves at least 2 blocks!!!
She didn't want any reds, pinks or browns, and loves purple.
It was a little difficult not choosing any reds or pinks since they seem to be the colors I have the most of, and I don't have much purple, but I did my best :)

These blocks look really great together, with their bright, happy colors!

I loved this book, I highly recommend having it in your library.
post signatureThey sell it at Joann's, need I say more?

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