Dec 1, 2014

Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas

Hi Everyone!
I intended to have this quilty fun Christmas quilt finished by tonight, but I watched Christmas movies on TV with my family, instead.
Have you seen "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever?"
It's hilarious in an extremely corny sort of way!!!
Just in case you haven't heard of this quilt, you can read my previous post about it here.
Here's a cute courthouse steps block.

I sewed some of the blocks together and like how the low volume backgrounds are blending together.

Here's my stocking block, Lori threw it in as a bonus block!

Here's my entire quilt, without the border.
I never showed you the wreath blocks, aren't they adorable?
They're bonus blocks too!
I was a little worried about my bright backgrounds mixing with the low volumes, but I think it turned out well :)

I'm currently working on my pieced 4 patch border, but it's going to be a while....
These are all the pieces that need to be sewn, cut, pressed and sewn  together again, you get the idea!
The border and finished dimensions of the quilt will be the same as Lori's Apple-Icious quilt.

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  1. wow...great christmas quilt!!

  2. Oh I love how your quilt has turned out so far. Yes, wonderful mix of fabrics throughout. Can't wait to see it with the border!

    Have yourself a quilty fun Christmas too!