Oct 6, 2014

More "Frozen" Fabric

Disney's movie "Frozen" is out of this world popular right now.
Even the Disney store can't keep the "Frozen" merchandise in stock.
When I saw this pattern at the fabric store, I just had to buy it!
One of my grand daughters will be 4 years old in October and she's crazy about Elsa, one of the sisters in the movie.
The blue satin is by Michael Miller, and I don't know who makes the other two. 
The aqua fabric is sheer and drapes really well, while the white fabric is a little on the stiff side.
I might sew the white over the satin for the bodice, but I'll have to see how it looks.
I'm really excited to make this dress, I'll show it to you soon, when it's finished.

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  1. She is going to love it. I think it will look great. - Kim