Oct 29, 2014

AYOS and a little bit more - October

This is the Schnibbles pattern that was chosen for October in the group "Another year of Snibbles and a little bit more".
I'm really enjoying the group, but I was a little hesitant about making this quilt.
I didn't think it looked very nice.
I could not figure out what color to use for the background.
I was looking around my sewing room and my eyes landed on this bolt of green fabric that my daughter and I found at a garage sale.
It still had the cellophane on it, so we bought it and split it in half.
I think this fabric is perfect for the background because it's bright and happy and textured, and goes well with pink :)

I went through my stash of charm packs and 5" squares and found low volume colors.

It took a lot of time to cut the fabric, sew all the half square triangles and then crop them all.

I stayed up until 1:00 a.m., three nights in a row.

I'm so pleased with the colors!

I took the quilt outside this morning and took some photos.

I live in northern California, so the weather is in the mid 70's and most of the leaves are still on the trees.
You can see some red and yellow ones on the ground :)

I'm really thrilled with this quilt, it measures 72" square.
Often I make a quilt, unsure of what I'm going to do with it.
When my son moves out at Christmas, I'll put this quilt on his full size bed.
Thanks for sharing my quilt journey with me :)

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  1. Wow - all I can say is it looks amazing!! It was worth the late nights!

  2. Oh my - I love this! It's gorgeous and wonderful and I love, love, love that green background - perfection! (I need some of those little emoji things right now so I could applaud!)

  3. Really lovely,Cindy! Great color choices.