Sep 29, 2014

Vintage Sewing Treasures

A favorite past time when my husband and I are together, is browsing through antique shops.
I found this little wooden basket once, and now I fill it with vintage sewing treasures.

I love this needle holder, the women look as excited about fabric as I am!  Ha ha!

Inside is a treasury of nickel plated needles, but some of them are a little rusted :(

I have a thing for old buttons too, although the yellow one is from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie.
Isn't the quote cute?

Here's my humble collection of vintage trims, they're all waiting for a special project.

A little assortment of needles.
I like to imagine what the previous owners were like...
Someone who wanted to sew but never did?
An older lady who was an avid sewer but passed away and her family sold her belongings at an estate sale?
I want my sewing treasures to be given to my daughters and daughters in law!
My mother was a seamstress and so was my grandmother, and these little bobbles remind me of my grandmother.
I just like to look at them :)

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