Mar 19, 2014

Quilty Fun Sew Along, Week 18

This week was the "Posie" flower block.
There were a lot of little white squares to cut out for each flower!
4 for the flower and 4 for each leaf.

This particular block was pretty time consuming, but I love choosing the fabrics and seeing the blocks come together!
I have been having "iron" issues.  
I haven't been using steam at all, but don't like the way my iron is pressing.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I love Best Press, a spray starch which I use while I piece and final block pressing. Also, I put an old towel on my ironing board, which helps to keep my block from shifting while pressing. The final block press is done with block seams down and when you press seams push into towel and you get a perfect flat block. Good Luck

  2. I love starch. =) I buy the liquid starc and dilute it two parts water, I part starch. I liked making the flower blocks, but the mittens? Wow! They were hard! I messed one up badly and had to start all over. They are cute when they are done.