Feb 3, 2014

Tee Shirt Quilt WIP

Sometimes I run out of ideas when I'm designing a quilt, it's almost like a stupor of thought.
I think about the quilt while I'm doing other things, like sleeping, 
ha ha!
The creative juices finally started to flow and I was able to draw the design on graph paper, 4 pages taped together.

I laid out the blocks in the order I wanted them, with some of the more meaningful tee shirt blocks in the center.

This is a more close up view.

I love the game day shirt, the principal tried to get it banned but it was too late, they were already printed and sold and the students were wearing them.
The girl who designed them was heartbroken so I'm glad they stayed :)

I was able to get the whole center section sashed.  Yeah!
I bought some BYU fabric at JoAnn fabrics in California.
There are a few sections in the quilt that I am adding the BYU fabric.
The navy and gray tee shirt is from Hollister.
One of Sean's girlfriends gave it to him, so it's appropriate that I include the logo :)

Remember this beanie from my last post here?

Look how wonderful the block looks!!!
The Cougar and the logo are satin stitch appliqued.
I cut along the outside of the satin stitch and simply top stitched on the inside of the satin stitch.
Super easy!

Now the soccer jersey, you know how silky and stretchy that fabric is.....and the number is rubber ironed on.
I traced the number and with a light box, traced it onto red fabric and I'm going to needle turn applique it.
I have a white number to applique onto navy as well.

That's it for now, stay tuned for more.....

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  1. What an amazing labor of love!!

  2. I love t-shirts quilts because they represent something special to the owner/recipient. I just made one for my son and I got lazy and just sewed the shirt squares together--no interfacing and no sashing and I used a really fluffy batting. It came out nice and warm...(I tested it a few nights on the couch). I am sure he will use it a lot in Phoenix, AZ...hahaha sewingblogsarefun@yahoo.com

  3. Love your t shirt quilt. How do you prepare the t shirt blocks? I have a collection of t shirts from my daughter and I am not sure where to start Thanks Carol from Scotland crlwilkie@aol.com