Feb 21, 2014

Quilty Fun Sew Along, Week 13

I'm out of order on my blocks, but better late than never!
I had an off day when I made these blocks yesterday :)
I cut and sewed these leaves but the stems weren't centered and the seam allowances must have been off.
The blocks wouldn't match up to the long piece of white sashing.
Notice how the blocks are so uneven on the bottom?

I cut out more fabric and sewed the leaves together again.
Usually I don't do that, I just make things fit.
There was some water in the iron, and the seams are all puckery!
This time the seams were all matching but the leaves don't look very good with all the puckers!
I think it's time to take a little break from sewing for a few days :)

I sewed all the blocks together with sashing, on the left side of the quilt.  
It's starting to come together :)
I think I am going to have to change those puckery leaves again!!!

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  1. No, don't change them! Just starch the life out of them on the reverse and the puckers will go! Starch can be a life saver.

  2. Love it, fabulous .Try to iron them again without steam iron and stretching fabric.