Dec 6, 2013

Pendant Banner

My son is serving a two year mission in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
I never know what to send him besides candy, gum, peanut butter and silly things like that!
I cam up with the idea for a little decor for his room....
a pendant representing the love my husband and I have for him, and the country that he has grown to love ♥
I made him a pendant banner, which are so easy and fairly addicting.

The X's and O's are kisses and hugs, and the pendant in the middle represents the Brazil flag.
I chose a subtle fabric for the background so that the red X's and O's would "pop"!
I used wonder under for the appliques, and used a machine blanket stitch to adhere the appliques to the fabric.
I attach them to wide double fold bias tape.
The pendants are really fast and easy to make.

The pendant in the middle is my abstract version of the Brazil flag.

I think they look similar, don't you?
I hope he's excited to hang it in his room :)

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  1. I think that's a very nice, unique and creative gift!! I'm sure he'll love it!