Dec 30, 2013

My New Sewing Room!

This was my Christmas present from my husband :)
He is very thoughtful and took weeks and weeks planning this.
I wasn't allowed in here for over a week.  
It wasn't so bad since I was busy preparing for a visit from my daughter and her family, although I did dream a lot of sewing.....Lol!

I should have taken photos of my room before the makeover.
I did remember to take a photo of my husband removing the little boy wallpaper border from the wall.

It was really difficult to remove too!!!

This is the furniture that was in the room(in a different house).
It was some furniture that was in my husband's office years ago before they redecorated.
We were able to buy it, and it has served me well.

This is what I saw when I opened the door, fresh paint on the walls and a beautiful work table.

Not just any table, but a gorgeous table!
It's made of recycled telephone poles and is really smooth :)

The holes are perfect for threading the cord of my sewing machine and the light that sits on the table, or any other appliance or thing that has a plug!  
Beautiful and practical.

Isn't the lamp incredible?
I've admired it at the store before and yes, the pulleys are functional!

There was never a light on the ceiling before, now there is!
A really cool one at that :)

What a neat little space, "This is the Life".
This little cabinet will hold my quilting books.
I can look over at them and be motivated and inspired :)

While I'm sitting at my beautiful new table, this is the view I have.
My husband told me that he went to so many furniture stores, looking for the right pieces.
They had to have storage and fit into the space.
The little red piece has two drawers on the top row and two cupboards with shelves on the bottom section.
The cupboards on the side both have cupboards with shelves on the bottom also.
I don't have to look sideways to watch TV (or DVD's) anymore.
Isn't that the cutest clock?
Maybe some vinyl lettering on the space above?

My husband decorated this cupboard with some of my treasures!
I think he should take up a hobby as an interior decorator :)

My daughter Lindsay decorated this cupboard :)

This is a view out the door and down the hall.
My paper doll quilt is on that wall :)

Most of my fabric is behind those closed doors :)
See the awesome red leather chair?
I'll show you a closeup, but notice the floor lamp behind it...

Look at the cute modern/vintage chair that I get to sit in while I sew!
It's really comfy :)

Did you know that red is my favorite color?
My husband does :)
It hugs me while I sit in it and it also swivels.
My husband said that I could sit there and embroider by the window in the day, and have the light of the lamp at night.
Pretty fancy!!!

On Christmas morning, my husband told me to look in my stocking.
It looked empty, but I felt inside and there was an envelope.
There was a clue and I had to search for the gift.
It said: 
"In your stocking it would not fit
so you're going to have to look for it.
Need a clue?  Here's one for you....
In a place that washes....
But has never washed.
(We [my grandchildren and I] looked in the washing machine, and then remembered that we have a full bathroom on the main floor.  The shower in that room has never been used, because there isn't a bedroom on the main floor.)
There it was, in the bathtub :)
The most beautiful sewing machine I've ever seen!!!
A Bernina 750 QE.
I'm dying to learn how to use it!
I hope you've enjoyed the tour, I'm so happy with my new sewing digs.

Thank you Ricky, I'm thrilled to death!!!
I'm definitely spoiled :)

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  1. omg wow your hubby is just awesome

  2. Oh my goodness! What a dream come true!! And your new sewing machine is awesome!!

  3. The room is amazing enough, but then to top it off with that gorgeous Bernina....You are one lucky wife!

  4. I nominate your husband for Hubby of the Year. Clearly he's a man who knows his wife!

  5. OMG!!! A gift of love through and through!! Your husband is awesome!!

  6. What a guy!! So thoughtful and made with love for you. Have fun sewing. Give your guy a high five!

  7. What a lucky lady you are. Your husband did such a great job decorating. You will love your Bernina. Have fun

  8. Wow! I can't even imagine a gift like that! What an amazing husband you have. I know you will hours of enjoyment in your new sewing space.

  9. Is this for real??!! Where can I get one of those husbands?? Beautiful room. Love the table!

  10. Wow, what wonderful gifts!!! So practical I know you will put them to good use;-). Here's to a new year with much sewing!

  11. Oh my goodness! What an amazing room . . . amazing table . . . and amazing husband. He is certainly a keeper :) What a marvelous way to start the new year, with this fabulous sewing room. I have been retired for three years and with the extra time that I have now, I have had a rebirth of my love of sewing and just recently started quilting. I am out to learn everything that I can. Your blog is a huge inspiration. I am your newest follower.
    I would be honored to have you visit.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. ACK!!! It is amazeballs. I'm delighted for you. How fantastic. I just was thinking today that I need someone to come in my house and restyle my sewing room. Good good good for you.

  13. Totally awesome! He's a keeper!!

  14. all I can say...just WOW!

  15. That is the coolest story! Thank you and Bernina for sharing it. I have a 750QE as well that I need to learn to use. Good luck with yours.

  16. That is a thoughtful and wonderful gift. I'm not only impressed with what he did, but the thought and love that went into it.

  17. What a beautiful sewing room you have....and such unique furnishings! I love all of it! And that hubby...where did you find him??!!! I think I would have sat down and cried! Enjoy yourself in your new space!

  18. Oh Wow, you are so lucky. What a thoughtful husband.

  19. How awesome. You are so blessed. I'd like to share one of my thoughts. If your husband didn't put a padlock on this room, then I'll bet you got up during the night and sneaked in for a peek, DIDN'T YOU? lol, I would have.

  20. You have the perfect husband!!! Can he be cloned? Enjoy your guy and the best sewing gifts ever!!!

  21. What an amazing gift! Your hubby has great taste in furniture and sewing machines.

  22. All I can say is WOW. What a great gift from your husband - your sewing space and machine. I agree - thank you Bernina for sharing your story.

  23. Great story & great gift! What a guy! I also have a Bernina 750QE that was a Christmas gift from the hubs last year, although I knew it was coming. It was an upgrade from my 1630 which feels quite neglected these days. I LOVE my 750 & you will too!

  24. just shows u that your husband knows just what u love and he respects u and what u love to do. WHAT A MAN !!! just a beautiful room put together with lots of love and
    to top it all off a new sewing machine wow like a said what a man guess he is a keeper lol enjoy it all and remind him everyday how much u love it and him god bless u both.

  25. A very amazing and beautiful sewing room but really the best part...what an amazing love story! I'm so happy for you!

  26. Just saw this on Pinterest. Love your room. My husband built me one recently too. We are some lucky girls! If you want to peek at mine, it's my blog post for today. Enjoy your room, it's beautiful!

  27. Looks fabulous! Can I ask where your husband bought the pulley desk lamp?

  28. What a fabulous room and a dear, dear husband you have! Lucky lady! That table really is TO DIE FOR! Love, love, LOVE it! And such a cool lamp to go with it. Everything, really, makes it such a nice room to spend time in.

  29. what a wonderful room and gift. the thought that went into it all is inspiring. what a lovely man. GOD bless you all.