Nov 25, 2013

Better Than Grand!

This is a collage of all 9 of my grandchildren.
I began a tradition of making each of them their own heirloom blessing outfit.
I embroider the girls' initials on the back hem of their dress.
The idea is that each child will pass their gown (or outfit) down to their child, and their mother will embroider the baby's initials next to their own.  
Wouldn't it be incredible to see a row of five initials, all embroidered next to each other.
That would be a true heirloom :)

Top row, left to right:
Bridger Alan, May 25, 2005
Kennedy Grace, July 19, 2007
Charlotte Leigh, April 9, 2010
Lucy Jane, August 25, 2013
Bottom row, left to right:
Maisie Louise, July 7, 2010
Benjamin David, September 5, 2012
Neo Kimberley, October 14, 2010
Kylie Violet, January 5, 2013
Reagan Clara, November 17, 2010

I have my adorable little grandchildren on my mind all the time.
It sure is grand being a grandmother!
Each one has their own little personality, and I love each and every one of them more than they will ever know :)
As my friend Joni says, they are the "flowers in my garden".


  1. Beautiful is the best word and much love is there. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hugs, marie

  2. Beautiful! My MIL used to have a quote that I love: "Each child is a jewel in the crown of Eternal Life"