Feb 6, 2013

Won't You be My Neighbor?

I am all caught up until tomorrow when Lori will post a new row :)
I loved choosing the fabric for my little houses.
I used some of the colorful homes in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for my inspiration.  
I love the peekaboo prints!
The little girl in the doorway, the flowers in the windows, and the blue bird singing on the roof!

There's a teddy bear in this doorway, and flowers in the windows.
Polka dots are my favorite :)

I couldn't resist putting the Grenadier guards in this doorway.
My brother had that job one summer in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  I made faces at him and jumped up and down and he never even blinked!  

I put a cat in the doorway, I just hope he doesn't see the little blue bird who is singing his heart out ♥

I think this little boy is really cute and I like the shingles on the roof.

Here is my little row of houses, won't you be my neighbor?

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  1. oh, cynthia, they turned out sooo cute! I love your neighborhood! You just might be a competitor for nanette's title of fussy cut queen! Darling windows and doors.

  2. All of your rows have been lovely, but I really appreciate the detail and humor in this row... just delightful!

  3. Wow!! you are really creative, I am doing the row by row also, but did'nt think of anything like you!! Wish I would of now!! DARLING!!!

  4. So cute! Your neighborhood is just perfect!

  5. The blue and pink one is my favorite! I love how you choose your fabrics....wonder where my talents came from :)