Jun 25, 2012

A change of color

Years ago I bought this wood shelf/quilt hanger.  It was unfinished, I painted it black and finished the edges with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.  

I was tired of the black shelf next to the black table, so I decided to repaint it.  I love the color of this little green shelf, so I took one of the drawers to Walmart for a color match.

Yes, the color looks just like the color on my little shelf.

I lay my trusty drop cloth "brown paper" on the driveway (don't want to risk getting paint on the floor) and am ready to get started.

The green paint is not covering the paint very well.....

I decided not to be lazy and spray the black shelf with white primer.

The green paint looks so much better on the white.

A cheap paintbrush does a great job with this project.

I'm not very pleased with the results after the first coat of paint.

The second coat of paint looks really good.

I like a distressed look, so I asked the man in the paint department to put some black paint in the glaze.  He said that he wouldn't be able to put much in, because the can is so full of glaze.  That would be perfect, just the look I want!

I lightly brush the glaze where I want it, and wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge.  

It looks a little blotchy, but definately distressed.
This was the first project that I used a paintbrush to paint the wood.  I have always used spray paint in the past.  I think I will use spray paint from now on, it has an even coverage, no brush strokes and I love the results.  The only drawback is that your finger gets sore from holding the nozzle!

I really like the results.  The shelf is quite high up on the wall, so no one can see the little imperfections.  I hope I have inspired you to paint a piece of furniture in your home :)

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