Apr 5, 2012

Sampler Wall Quilt

Every quilt has a story and I'm going to tell you the story about this one.  I think I might have quilted a table runner, but this was my first quilt.  I wasn't very knowledgeable and didn't have any quilting fabric, only a few scraps from my table runner.  (My, how times have changed!!!)  
I went to the local quilt shop and picked up some fat quarters in my favorite colors ( at the time).  My friend Liz really wanted to do this quilt, so she and I and Nanette began the quilt together.  One would cut the fabric, one would sew and one would press.  We all just did what needed to be done, sewing enough blocks for three quilts.  
We had so much fun!  We would talk about our children, laugh, talk some more.  We had a potluck lunch every time we got together, taking turns at each house.  When all the blocks were sewn, we each picked out our favorites and laid them on the floor in the sequence we liked.  
At this point, we sewed our own blocks together to make the wall hanging.  The blues remind me of Nanette, the browns and red/browns remind me of Liz and the purple was my favorite color at the time.  Every time I look at this quilt (which hangs on my dining room wall), I am reminded of the good times we had and the friendship we share.

All three of us hand quilted our quilts.  I shadow quilted mine, l/4" away from the seam.  Since I was a novice quilter, I backed the wall hanging with muslin.  

I love the center block, log cabin style.  The heart flowers were my first attempt at applique.  I enjoyed everything about the process.

Yes, everytime I look at this quilt, I am reminded of Nanette and Liz :)
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