Mar 30, 2015

Ironing Board Cover tutorial link and Fabric Organizing

The last time I made a new ironing board cover, was over 3 years ago.
I knew that I had some severe water stains on my ironing board cover, but it wasn't until it started to molt, that I couldn't wait any longer...
My son ironed his shirt every morning before he went to work, maybe that's why he moved out, lol!
(just kidding...)

I think the stains are a combination of steam and starch!
The water stains were beginning to discolor my quilt blocks when I pressed them.

I saw that Jennifer Mathis from Ellison Lane Modern sewing and design blog, had a tutorial for a 30 minute ironing board cover.
I pinned it to my Random Tutorials board on Pinterest, you can find it here.
I bought some insulate at JoAnn's, and cut two thicknesses of warm and natural, and sewed them together.
I also bought some home decor fabric by Nate Berkus.

My new ironing board cover even has some nice padding!
I love it :)

Vicki, a fellow quilter at our Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild, told us how she wraps her fabric around comic book boards, and how wonderful it makes her stash look.
I bought this pack at Amazon for $10 and later found cheaper ones at my local comic book store.

This is some of my stash before wrapping them around the boards.
Not too bad, I try to keep the stacks looking nice.

Wow, what a difference!
I love the look of my fabric wrapped around the boards.
One drawback, is that this way of organizing takes up a little more room, and I don't have enough shelving to display my entire stash this way.
For now, it's a start and I arranged most of the fabric shelves with the fabric wrapped around the cardboard.
There are lots of tutorials online, just "google" wrapping quilt fabric around cardboard and you'll find them :)

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