May 29, 2013

The Quilty Barn Along #5

This Maple Leaf block was one of my favorites from "The Farmer's Wife" quilt that I made.  Maybe because I'm Canadian and the maple leaf is Canada's national emblem :)  My favorite season was the fall, when all the maple leaves would turn red and orange.
I'm also a huge fan of maple syrup :)

I used a light blue for the background because it looks like the sky.

I looked online for some barn photos, and found these beautiful aqua ones.  I had no ideas that there were any aqua barns out there...

Here's another aqua barn.
With all the snow, I wonder if this barn might be in Quebec.

I wanted to make my own aqua barn.
I used Lori's "Polka Dot Stitches" and stitched one up.  
I'm going to look for some other colors to create my barns.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Your block turned out wonderful Cynthia!

  2. Love the aqua. Really a sweet block.

  3. It looks like lots of fun. Amanda xxx