Apr 19, 2013

One Yard Apron

This is one of my favorite apron patterns!

I decided to make one of my own.

I love the jumbo pom poms!

Do you think I'd get any looks if I wore my apron to the grocery store?  I love the different prints of the wide waistband and the tie, matching the different prints on the pocket.

I really like the wide bow tie at the back, very vintage :)
The apron is really easy, quick and fun to make!

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  1. How cute!!! :0)
    I love this pattern too.

  2. Those pompoms are awesome!!! I would be wearing this everywhere... just assume they are looks of envy as people wonder where they can get one of their own;-)

  3. darling! Lori gave me one of her apron patterns in a jar, but it's still packed away in our storage unit. She designs such cute things! and yes, I think that apron is worthy of a grocery store trip.

  4. What an adorable apron. Looks like a fabulous pattern!

  5. When Lori was proofing her pattern I made one of them. They are lots of fun. The pom poms really work.