Jan 4, 2013

A New Grandchild

My son and daughter in law just had a new baby and I am staying with them to help with the transition.  I am helping look after 2 year old Neo and also helping with the household chores.

Neo has the most beautiful hair, little tight ringlets all over her head.

When it is wet, you can see that it's really long!

Neo's new sister was born this morning, so we went to the hospital so that they could meet each other for the first time :)
It's a beautiful thing when a child sees their new sibling for the first time!

Neo was happy to see her mom too..... I love this photo, because it shows the bond that Neo and her mom Mabulane have with each other.  In the forefront is Neo's new little sister who she will have to begin sharing her mom with.

Yes, mother and daughter missed each other after spending their first night apart from each other.

Mabulane had a wonderful birthing experience, I was so happy for her!  

My son Addison and his daughters, a magical moment.....

Kylie Violet
7 lbs. 4 oz.
21" long
A sleeping angel, and look at her hair!!!


  1. Such beautiful grand daughters! Congratulations! and how wonderful you can be there to help. Wonderful bonding time.

  2. Such a sweet time. Congratulations to all.