Jun 8, 2012

Montreal, Some Art and Some Portuguese

This is the last post of interesting things I saw on my walk with my brother, in Montreal.  This is a garage in the middle of the city, in between some shops. Pretty fancy, pretty artistic!

Interesting....by the way, those bikes are for rent and they have them all over the city along with really nice bike lanes.

Murals are painted on the side of buildings, all over the city.  I like how the street lamp looks like it is part of the man's face :)

Since my son is in Brazil for two years and learning the Portuguese language, I took a lot of photos of interesting food and miscellaneous Portuguese items.

On May 22, Paul and I went to Place des Arts to see a demonstration on Bill 78, an emergency law passed by the government of Quebec to prevent students from demonstrating for lower tuition.  They had a legal demonstration with 400,000 and Paul and I were a block ahead of them on Sherbrooke St.  There were swat police everywhere you looked, inside glass doors of buildings, there would be a line of them, to the left and to the right, at every intersection in vans, on horses, on bikes and motorcycles.  It was pretty exciting!

Well thanks for coming along with me on my walk with my brother through part of the beautiful city of Montreal.

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  1. Thanks for showing us Montreal! Such interesting photos. That garage art is something. I wonder if they have more accidents because people are gazing at the walls instead of looking ahead?

  2. I really want to go to Montreal soon. It looks like such a fun city.